Integrated Learning Program


The family of WISDOM strongly believes that learning can never be stressful to any learner.
Wise parents and guides definitely realise that learning only enhances the quality of a students and makes them more courageous to attain their goals. Stress gets created where there is confusion or lack of clarity. It also gets piled up when one does not have a vision or goal to achieve. The fear of failure creates stress but we, the family of Wisdom believe that when a student receives the right guidance and realises the fruit of his hard work, failure can never happen.

Integrated Learning Programs

  •   It is a combined study of the school academics along with parallel preparation to crack any competitive or entrance examination.
  •   One method of integration is where the students get trained to crack the competitive exams under the roof of their own schools.
  •   The other method is where the students are completely under the supervision and guidance of the coaching centre for their boards as well as  competitive exams. These students appear in the board exams privately.

  • Students who plan wisely to get themselves trained for entrance examination parallely in their high school are more benefitted than those who spend another year exclusively for their entrance exams preparation after their high school. This saves students the 1 year they would need to spend after their high school. Students can avail both the education and
    training under the same roof.
  • This programme proves to be more economical compared to the fees tariff of individual coaching centres.
  • Self study plays a vital role in the preparation to crack any competitive exam.In the ILP programme students are left over with plenty of time to dedicate to their self learning as the time they travel and spend in a coaching centre gets saved.Thus, ILP being within the school timings helps students save time and do self study.

  • Preparations for engineering or medical exams should be started from the very beginning of secondary schooling i.e. from class 9 onwards.
  • This will give students enough time to work on the finer aspects of the toughest topics.
  • At this stage, students are mature enough to realise their interests and abilities based on which they can persue them.
  • Class IX students exhibit a good maturity level to master the basics of science and mathematics.Thus the real preparation begins from class 11.

Wisdom Integrated Learning Program

  • In the Wisdom Integrated Learning Programme, we not only focus on academics and training for entrance exams, the initial classes focus on creating a clear vision and mindset for each and every learner towards their mission.
  • We motivate the students to enjoy learning by teaching them time management skills, note taking skills, self-study skill and enhancing their lifestyle through spiritual stability.
  • We urge our students to make themselves responsible to themselves i.e. be self lovable and have lots of self confidence.
  • We plan on how to effectively manage time along with our students and provide each student with their own applicable schedule through a one-to-one communication.
  • We see to that the plan makes learners far away from any type of distraction.

Study Materials

Wisdom has a perfectly framed syllabus with appropriate study materials along with a wide range of MCQs and sample papers. We also provide our students with video lectures for better understanding.


Another important feature of WILP is its assessment system. We assess each student individually for each & every concept in physics, chemistry, biology & mathematics. These assessments take place on weekly & monthly basis. Students are evaluated with micro & macro-level tests.

Doubt Clarification

We always entertain doubts from students as we believe that only a questioning mind can do wonders. We also believe that every person’s conscious works on the reward system. Thus we reward & appreciate our student’s progress eventually & make them motivated.


Wisdom team comprises of efficient & hard working faculty who are exclusively trained for the coaching of NEET & JEE. The trainers teach aspirants the knacks & tricks that they should know to crack the entrance examination.